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Reformatting Corrupted images


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Recently all the pix at my two year old site http://paradisemosaictile.com have become"corrupted" and unviewable. I was advised to download my images file, reformat all the pix and reupload them. I have photoshop6.0 but am not sure how to reformat the pix. If I download and save all the pix in my image file, will I have to open each one and reformat it and if so, I'm not sure how to do that. Most are in .jpg form but a few are in .gif and .art yet none of the pix are showing on my site. Someone suggested perhaps my DPI is too high (300? not sure if that's the case however) and should be lowered to 70? How would I do that using Photoshop?

Any help would be appreciated. I'm not making any sales this way!

Katie "Princess Papoola"

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I'm not sure about the image corruption as I haven't heard of that happening except due to a bad ftp connection.


Regarding the resolution of your images, 300dpi is usually reserved for printing and 72dpi is the norm for web images. Changing the resolution of an image is usually done by editing the image and selecting a resize or similar function in which you specify the resolution that you want.

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