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The e-commerce.

Help needed with Payment modules how to modify them for a newbie


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Hi folks,

Being a newbie I haven't got much clue about php etc.. and thought oscommerce would be nice and simple - but then I run into the problem just when I was thinking everything was all under control - I cannot figure out how to integrate the payment provider that I have.... :'(



I can make text links

which link to payment provider as one long URL :D



Product is PRAM value is 100 USD product Code is 111222333AA


PRAM & CODE can be text or numbers or both and length is variable




when someone buys the pram I get an email saying

CODE111222333AA PRAM paid $100 by -- name,address etc...etc... :D




Modified Sample from payment provider Url is

<a href="#" onclick="window.open('https:// payment provider URL /cart.cfm?merchantID=MYMERCHANTID&subscriptionID=SUBSCRIPTION ID&itemCode=111222333AA&itemName=PRAM=100','cartwin','width=700,height=500,scrollbars,location,resizable,status');">Buy this Pram</a>





so I thought the closest thing that this might resemble was paypal payments but I looked in the file

and :( -- well that isn't anything like it... authorise.net looks very similar... but what goes where


although I'm confident enough to get this working eventually it's going to take me a heck of a long time,

when I'm sure for some of the gurus in this forum that it's going to leap out and say that's easy why u asking :)


so splitting this down and I get following fields.. ok so you can see I'm thinking in terms of forms...

perhaps wrong approach - later I would like to add a cookie value into it which is why I have done this

the cookie value would be the AA because I can extract it.. if the cookie had value 999666

it's found in buy a buy now button in php page which is all working using $threferrer



URL of provider https:// payment provider URL /cart.cfm?

name='merchantID=' value='MYMERCHANTID&'

subscriptionID=' value='SUBSCRIPTIONID&'

name='itemCode=' value='11122233'

name='AA' value='$threferrer'

name='&itemName=' value='PRAM'

name='&itemPrice=' value='100


which I hope would end up submtting a URL like this

https:// payment provider URL /cart.cfm?merchantID=MYMERCHANTID&subscriptionID=SUBSCRIPTION ID&itemCode=111222333AA&itemName=PRAM=100 -- when no cookie value present



https:// payment provider URL /cart.cfm?merchantID=MYMERCHANTID&subscriptionID=SUBSCRIPTION ID&itemCode=111222333AA999666&itemNamePRAM=100 when cookie value present


help appreciated


NB if I've got the fields wrong it's the URL submitted to the payment provider which is important..

after the goods are payed for the payment provider sends the buyer to the index of my main domain

the os commerce is on a subdomain.. and this is acceptable for me... the cookie would be nice too but can be added later if I get a payment module working then I can advance to troubleshooting cookies...




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