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Search Customer Basket v1.2


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I was looking at a customer's basket via the Search Customer Basket contribution.


She has one item in her basket. The Product ID number is not one I use. It's a clickable link. It goes to a hockey site in the UK. I have no clue where this Product ID number comes from. It's separate from the Product Model number you add in when creating a product. The vendors product number field is blank (from the multi vendor shipping contrib).


I have no clue HOW someone would add in their own link ...


Does anyone have any clue? Should I be concerned?


This is the exact link: http://www.hockeytop.co.uk/shop/product_in...s_id=808{57}813 The numbers after the = is the Product ID number. I have no clue where this number came from, it's nothing I use.


EDITED: I added some products to my test account's cart, all the product ID numbers link to this hockeysite. I've never seen this site before and have no clue what this means.

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My IP is no where near that. I am in the US for one and am on AOL. I already looked at the IP for that URL.


I am just wondering why it is showing up in my Search Basket in my ADMIN.

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