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How can a guest see final price with postage ???


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How can a guest see the final price with postage ??? without logging in as a customer or a new customer ??


If your shipping rates vary according to where they are being sent, the only way you could do it is by having them at least select which country they are in, even if you do not get them to fill in all their details.


However, as you are going to have to take their address details anyway, so you can ship it, I don't see why there should be an issue - you don't have to save the data........

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Per day I have lots of new customers, who do not buy anything.


Now the only reason, why anybody should give me there name address etc etc, is because they are closing a purchase, The last thing that could possibly stop them completing the sale is that the shipping is too dear.

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You might look under contributions for a package called Ship in cart. It places a window in the cart itself that shows an estimated shipping based on minimal input from the user ( country and post code )

I have NOT yet gotten it running. I'm new at this. I just wanted you to be aware that a solution is there.

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