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download only; modify database


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I am setting up a store that is download only, is there a way that I can remove the drop down box, there should only be one version of a product, and it is downloadable only. All products will be that way. Also, I would like to add more fields, first, separate the description fields, one field for a short description (one that shows up on search and browse) and one long one for the page. Second, I would like to add link to a flash item for each item in the catalog. What if any problems would it cause if I were to add to the database?

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I am a developer, and I do realize I can't just "add to the DB" (although maybe my post made it seem that way), but I haven't found good developer's resources to tell me that I wouldn't break it :). I can handle that, but my main concern is with the usability of the downloads, again, this is a download only shop, and right now it is kindof ugly.

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The contributions comment still applies - no need to reinvent the wheel. There are contributions that already add additional fields to products.


When adding fields, the only pages that should choke on new fields are the admin pages that insert new products. This is admin/categories.php. You'd need to edit the 'edit' and 'new'/'insert' modes for products. That page would normally be the only page to break when a new field is added. Depending on how you change how the attributes are handled, you might need to edit admin/products_attributes.php. Everything else is display.



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