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The e-commerce.

Help. My host has installed Zend and broken my site.


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Please help. I beleive this will be a common problem for many in the months to come.


My host has upgraded Zend Optimizer to the new version 3.x without testing and now my oscommerce site is not functioning. You cannot purchase anything, and different pages do not open. The problems are most apparent in the admin panel:


1. Firstly a page was displayed saying register_globals was switched off and needed to be switched back on. I had not made any changes and so I knew straight away that it must have been something the host did. They switched it on, and the store was displayed again, but with little funcitonality.


2. When I go into the admin panel home page (http://www.salemfloorplans.com/catalog/admin) , variables are appearing, instead of the values the variables should be bring back, such as:












3. Function names are also appearing throughout the admin panel. If I go into my store configuration page, underneath the EDIT button, the following appears: TEXT_INFO_DATE_ADDED. This is the case with most pages.


4. Nothing on any of the pages can be edited in the admin panel


5. On pages such as Locations/Taxes, the following appears:



Unable to determine the page link!

Function used:

tep_href_link('', '', 'NONSSL')




My guess is that the Zend upgrade has replaced the original php.ini file. However, I do not know which parameters it has reset, and my host is reluctant to do any more work on this as all his other customers have "settled with their current settings". No one else has an oscommerce site on that box, so the host has had no complaints, and thinks I'm being a pain.


I backed up my site and installed a catalog from fresh at the location specificed in the url above, and the problem is still there, indicating it is a problem with the environment.


What's more, (as I also have DNN sites), php is running through IIS and so I do not have use of .htaccess files.


Any ideas what parameters are wrong? Am I barking up the wrong tree? I''m losing money and time here, so any help would be appreciated.


Many thanks



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It could be because your host is now running php 5.1.2 (TITLE_ZEND_VERSION 2.1.0)

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It could be because your host is now running php 5.1.2 (TITLE_ZEND_VERSION 2.1.0)



I don't understand why it says version 2.1.0 as they definitely installed version 3.x. I know this because I had an web application that would only work with version 3.x and above. It didn't work before, it does now.

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For an upgrade to the zend optimizer to have those effects means it would be extremely broken indeed.


I would recommend switching hosts if that's possible for you. If not, make sure your language files exist in includes/languages/english for both the catalog and admin. If not, check your backup. If they're not there, you can restore from the original OSC files in the installation zip.


To fix some other problems, you probably need to get your host to make sure register long arrays is on in php.ini:


register_long_arrays = On


That's probably your issue when trying to make changes to the database.



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