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The e-commerce.

Looking for a better way to track traffic, surfers, pagehits....


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I'm using the L10HC program, it's nice and free, and gives me a LOT of valuable information, But it's got bugs. I'm willing to give it up if i can find another tracker that has the same information capabilities.


here's some of the things it does.


1) Tracks any number of pages, lists uniques and raw's, displays them pretty much any way i want to see them. It's all graphical, runs from a SWF page, and i can update it in realtime if i wish. The replacement doesn't have to run in a SWF page, but i like graphical output.


2) If i put it on every page of my site (not too hard), i can track where a surfer went, what he looked at, and how long he spent on each page. This is important, i need to know what items in my store are encouraging buying decisions, causing people to go away, etc...


3) Everything can be viewed in a browser windows, but i can also output it to text for offline analysis (not so important)


This program runs entirely in PHP, saving to files on the server. I have an SQL server available if your recomendation requires it.


I'd like to have the replacement up and running for Dec 1st, so the month end will still look normal.

My website's address is in My Profile, since it's not allowed to be in my signature.

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do you have cpanel with your hosting package? it comes with a variety of small apps that can do that. additionally, you can also install the google tracker they created to do some work for you too

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