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I have been working on our site, and I have recently added to the admin/categories.php page an extra value called "Regular Price" and have changed "Price" to "Sales Price".


I am able to add and update the DB with these modifications and call the values in the DB properly.


What I want to do is add one more column to the products.php (I believe this is the correct page that I should modify - I have tried modifying the index.php page as well) page - to include the "Regular Price" and "Sales Price".


being new to php, I am unable to determine what I need to change to display this column.


Currently the table shows the following:


EXAMPLE URL: http://store.dreamstudio9.com////index.php...8e9759db31bb6ff




Followed by the list of products.


Can anyone point me in the right direction so I can make the products. display in the following way:




Any assistance is greatly appreciated.





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The file that you need to edit is includes/modules/product_listing.php

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Hello Natewlew


Thanks for the pointer. I was wondering if you can help me out a little bit further. I apologize for all of these questions.


I added the following code into the following page:


<!-- MODIFIED //-->



$lc_align = '';


<!-- MODIFIED //-->


I also edited /includes/languages/english/index.php to include "TABLE_HEADING_REG_PRICE;"


define('TABLE_HEADING_REG_PRICE', 'Regular Price'); /* MODIFIED */


Going further down in the code, I am at a lost? My PHP skills are lacking some what, any further assistance, please let me know.


Your assistance is greatly appreciated.



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