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Has anyone used webedit.pl and manage_products.pl


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I recently took over an existing OSC site. But it does not appear to be controlled by OSC itself. New items must be uploaded using a series of perl scripts - notably webedit.pl and manage_products.pl.


This is NOT webedit pro or any series of php scripts. These scripts are all perl and reside in cgi-bin. But there is absolutely no documentation in the code or among the scripts and I am unable to add new color options to the system as it is. The color options are hard-coded in a drop-down (select) form element in manage_products.pl.


webedit.pl seems to be in control of the entire OSC installation, but I cannot find any information on this set of programs.


Does anyone know ANYTHING about the webedit perl system and where I can find information about how it is supposed to work? I am specifically stymied atm about how to add new color options to the system besides editing the perl code itself.


There is a colors.data.txt file, and the colors are all in there, but the program does not seem to use it.


Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks. - Alan

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