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The e-commerce.

Is this possible in osCommerce?


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I am considering using osCommerce for a new online store I am creating as I have used it in the past but Im not sure if what I need it to do is even possible?


I have created a "roomset" where a user click on the title of a room in a house, i.e. Bedroom or Lounge. The walls have been given a transparent effect. The image of either the bedroom or lounge loads in a div tag.


The <div> tags background image (wallpaper styles) can be changed by clicking on a thumbnail. Showing through the transparency of the image it appears as though the room has had a wallpaper applied.


See my draft example below:




Hopefully you follow how Ive done this effect. The background image is only a thumbnail which is tiled. So my question is:


Using osCommerce's thumbnails could I somehow mod the code to work with the roomset idea exampled above? A quick mockup of how I pictured it looking is shown below to hopefully help people understand:




When a thumbnail is clicked it is applied as the background image of the Div tag.


Many THanks,


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