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remove category name on the category page


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I haven't tried this so it may be wrong, but a quick look and commenting out this could be your answer


in index.php


<td class="pageHeading">


if ( (ALLOW_CATEGORY_DESCRIPTIONS == 'true') && (tep_not_null($category['categories_heading_title'])) ) {

echo $category['categories_heading_title'];

} else {





Please forgive me if I'm not correct. Make sure you backup first. If it doesn't work overwrite with the original and you'll need to look elsewhere

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MSP has the right idea, but I would comment out only the portion the calls for the Page Heading in the conditional php code for pages displayed at the category level.


Find the code below in your catalog/index.php file (at or about line 57] and either remove or comment out the <php? echo $category['categories_name']?>. OR, if you want to get rid of the small category pic at the top right as well, just delete the entire table row (everything from the <tr> to the </tr>. These changes will only affect the category heading on the category pages, leaving all the other page headings in tact.



if ($category_depth == 'nested') {

$category_query = tep_db_query("select cd.categories_name, c.categories_image from " . TABLE_CATEGORIES . " c, " . TABLE_CATEGORIES_DESCRIPTION . " cd where c.categories_id = '" . (int)$current_category_id . "' and cd.categories_id = '" . (int)$current_category_id . "' and cd.language_id = '" . (int)$languages_id . "'");

$category = tep_db_fetch_array($category_query);


<td width="500" valign="top"><table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">


<td><table border="0" width="500" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">


<td class="pageHeading"><?php echo $category['categories_name']?> </td>

<td class="pageHeading" align="right"><?php echo tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $category['categories_image'], $category['categories_name'], HEADING_IMAGE_WIDTH, HEADING_IMAGE_HEIGHT); ?></td>



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