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Master Password Headaches


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I've just updated to the latest version. In process of installing, I always use the instructions at the info site to create a master password, as in change this:


if (!tep_validate_password($_POST['password'], $Qcheck->value('customers_password'))) {

$error = true;

} else {


to the following, in login.php:


$passwordgood = tep_validate_password($_POST['password'], $Qcheck->value('customers_password'));


if ($password == "setpwdhere" || $password == "setpwdhere2") {

$passwordgood = 1;

} else {

$passwordgood = $passwordgood;



if (!$passwordgood) {

$error = true;

} else {


It's not working for me. I'm receiving an error that reports a member call to a nonmember function.


This is such a no brainer, I 'bout fell off my chair. But naturally I have an urgent need to recover somebody's shopping cart this afternoon.




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