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Shipping Vales need a refresh to display


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Hi All,


Ive been running an oscommerce site for over a year now with little problems, my store is heavily modified and ive done all the work myself, usually when i come up against a problem i read through these forums for answers, but recently ive hit a brick wall.


The problem ive got is quite small but its driving me nuts and i want to sort it. The problems only occurs when customers hit checkout_shipping.php, when they hit this page the shipping vales displayed are the default "Sorry this shipping method is unavailable on tihs order". When i refresh the page the correct shipping values appear....strange eh? So everything is working its just my customers are having to reload the page before seeing the correct shipping costs etc.


Has anyone come across this problem before? Ive searched and searched but cant find a solution to this. Ive thought about using form_check.js.php to refresh the page but im no coder.


This page was working fine the other week and the shipping vales where displaying correctly without a refresh??? Ive really havent changed anyhting since then.


Can anyone help? I could list all the contributions and give you an example of my checkout_chipping.php page...i can paste if you would like to view, please let me know.


This is a very strange situation indeed.


Thanks for your time.



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  • 2 months later...



Thanks for all the replies i had.... :angry:


Anyway ive sorted out the problem....all i had to do was change the 'The country my store is located in' value in admin/my store. It took me 2 months of bug hunting to find this out only by accident.


So if your shop like mine is based in the UK and your shipping modules need a refresh to display properly..simply change your county to the US......weird i know but it sorted my problem out......im now on to my next problem....


Hope this helps someone out there.



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