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Problem with Configuring Shopping Cart - New Customer


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Please follow these steps to duplicate my problem.


1. Go to http://bidets.info-site.biz/order_info.htm

2. Click on Shopping Cart image.

3. This goes to the shopping cart.

4. Click on Buy Now button for the HB150 $59.00

5. Click on Add to Cart button.

6. Click on Checkout button.

7. Welcome, Please sign in. Click on Continue button for New Customer box.

8. Make up a customer (just tell me which one so that I can delete later).

9. Fill in all required fields and submit.

10. This goes to Your Account has been created.

11. Click on Continue.

12. Goes to What's In My Cart. It is empty and it should not be, because the customer

already selected a product.

13. Take a note from your IE browser address bar the Csid, then click on

Cart Contents - upper right corner.

14. Notice that there is something in your cart.

15. Click on the Checkout button and you are sent to the login page again and the

Csid in the IE bar has changed to a different session. This should have gone to the

shipping page.


There are 2 problems here: 1) the cart is empty after creating a customer and 2) clicking

on checkout buttons goes to the login page.


When hovering the mouse over the header page, image on the header (top page - bizi bee enterprises) is pointing to the right host but ~info-sit needs to be changed to ~infosite ---- https://host576.ipowerweb.com/~info-sit/shop/catalog/. How do I change this? What file do I look at?


Please let me know what I need to do to fix the above problems.





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I am having similar problems to what you are experiencing - in regards to creating the new account. It happens in all browsers I have tested - the session id stays the same - I can complete checkout with cart contents if I am logging into an existing account - but if I create an account - I get the account creation success page and loose my cart contents - I am still logged in however and can readd my items - but what a pain ... I don't know what it is that is causing this - what other mods do you have installed on your system?

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