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Zones driving me nuts - WON'T work


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I've been reading and reading - but noooooo - can't figure it out

I put in a picture where you can see how all my zones / Taxes are set up. But it's somehow not correct. I even tried to put in France in Zones - that didn't help either


I have made a few "dummy" customers. mostly from EU, but they all don't get to pay tax. According to my setup they should pay 17.5 %



***Please don't inform me that the EU tax amount isn't correct. Right now it's ALL about getting it to work (*thanks*)



Helle :( :( :(



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I recently went through a similar frustration. One thing that you might look at is your store location in configuration/shipping and packaging. Then check the tax information under configuration/my store. What it comes down to is a conflicting setting somewhere. If checking those settings does not work, try clearing out everything and redo one and get it to work. That is what I ended up doing and got it going.

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Hi Avec


You are a darling - it works *jubiiiiiii*


First I cleared out all my zones and taxes - then i saw in Configuration that my store was from Denmark, which is ok, but a zone was there too ?? Cleared that away - and is well


BIG thanks - I've running in circles over this.


Next step is to "hide" all countrys I don't want to display. Maybe there's contrib for that.


Helle :-)

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oh oh, maybe I was a little too quick answering this.


I then tried to logon as an English customer, now all prices are shown with Danish tax at 25% and not 17,5 % EU Tax...


When I enter new products I choose 25 % Danish Tax from the dropdown menu - I surpose that's the right way to do it?? Isn't it?

What else could be wrong???


Helle :-(

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Hi Vger,


I am experiencing a similar problem with Tax Zones. (This is my first OSCommerce site and my first use of MySQL and PHP.) I think I need to do what you said i.e. set up a Tax Zone, and then add all the member states to that Tax Zone.


I have added a new Tax Zone, my country is listed in Countries, and I have added a Geo Zone for my state. But I can't figure out how to add the state/country to the Tax Zone. And I can't get into Tax Zone Details because I get an error message. Can you provide more information on how to add countries to a Tax Zone? Your help would be very much appreciated. Thanks, jo

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Hi Possum

I'm absolutely not a PHP shark.

I don't get error messages, so I have no idea what your error is about.


1) I make a Tax Zone and give a call name. Click/open the new Zone name. Click on "Insert" and choose whatever country I want. if the country has zones, choose 1 - or choose "All Zones"


That's how I do it


I cleared out all zones/taxes etc. First time around i messed things up *lol*

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