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Adding Recipient Phone Number to Order Form


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I had a brainstorm this morning about the customer phone number field. Since I was getting nowhere on this board and no helpful responses, I decided to try to figure out something on my own. When you go to place an order, there was a field there already for "Suburb". That was a field that no one will ever have a use for that I could see. So I figured if I could alter just the text for the label and have it say Telephone Number instead of Suburb, that this would effectively solve the problem. In the code the field will still be Suburb, but the relevant text on the page will be Telephone Number. Here is how I changed it:


Go to this page in your file manager (cpanel or an editing program, not in the oscommerce admin panel): public_html / includes / languages / english.php


Scroll down to the line that reads:


define('ENTRY_SUBURB', 'Suburb:');


and change it to:


define('ENTRY_SUBURB', 'Telephone Number:');



Then save the page. All you are actually changing is the word Suburb to Telephone Number. It works! When you get the order, you'll get the phone number as well. Of course, you have to have suburb field set as true in your Customer Details section of admin panel.



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there are many contributions that lets you add additional user fields for customers, one of them is this





We went all through this the other day and it was beyond difficult to do. Not having any php knowledge, I'm afraid to alter much and the contributions were not that helpful to a novice in php like myself. There was another lady on here having the same issue, so I decided to post this quick and easy fix for us neophytes ;)



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