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checkout_confirmation.php doing weird things


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Hi there


We have three payment options on our site (Cash, Direct Deposit, and Credit Card) whenever anyone chooses credit card the checkout_confirmation.php page just screws up,


you can see it here: htttp://www.workandstudytech.co.nz/shop/


The top of the page is





The interesting this is I can do a var_dump($_POST); before that line and it will show but if I put it directly under that line it wont show...


In fact nothing shows or prints to the screen until after the line that includes column_left.php


I've tried replacing the file with an original version and I still get the same issue...


What on earth could be going wrong? This was working fine a few days ago




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Other things that may help:


The payment module is called Paystation, we've never had any trouble with them in the past and I've been on the phone this morning with them but we couldn't figure out what was going wrong:



The POST array from the payment selection page just gives $_POST['payment'] = 'paystation' which is fine, thats what the module is called.


Let me know if I should be looking in other places, we've tested across multiple accounts/countries/products and still get the same result,


Its mighty bizarre if you ask me,




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