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The e-commerce.

Next steps, Cant see the wood for the trees


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With all the contributions out there and my site up and running to a basic level, i really need to improve the look and feel of the site.


Can anyone suggest help for the front page. What featured products mod to use. There are soo many out there but its just a shame that they don't all, well none, provide screen shots to get an idea of what it would look like if implemented on my site.


my site is Thermaltech.co.ukand i could really do with some help and inspiration to put me on the right path.


Thanks all :thumbsup:

Things still to do before going "live" in no real order...

Change "buy now buttons" css styles

Change "lets see what we have here" into something meaningfull

Main logo of the website

Sort out currency to make site UK only (at present)

Remove "xx requests since" stuff

Update mainpage :D

Move shopping cart status into header

Add in stock status to product listing page

Define styles for product listing standardisation

Change CSS background for Headings

Increase Category size headings

Used mods so far:- basic_design_pack1mk7 | Google XML sitemap w admin | Paypal IPN v 1.2 | Feedmachine | pricematch_1_3_1 | Dynamic Sitemap 1.6 | Whos online Enhancement | Easypopulate 2.72


Each one that I solve I;ll be putting a post on the forum in a "completed shop" thread that Im writing up

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I don't use a featured product for my front page. Rather, I have a window with all the top level categories. My goal was to provide easy navigation. You can take a look at my profile for the website address, if you want to take a look.

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I lack programming expertise but I have some thoughts on your catalog page.


The links you have on your left hand side: 'chipset cooling' 'just arrived' 'dc fans' etc. are all very analytical and straight forward. So with the products featured, why not instead use a more personalized tone that will encourage less analytical people to surf your site through those pictures and links. Example: under a picture write 'cooling fans for your CPU' 'DC fans that are reliable' 'cool new technologies and products'. So you wouldn't be listing products, but rather giving some customers a different flavored way to navigate your site. Just a thought.


On another note: Mark, your website http://www.wholesalersusainc.com/ is by far the best OScommerce site I have enchountered thus far. I especially like your checkout and how you integrated most of the input into one page. Did this take a long time to program? Anyways, its a great site and I bookmarked it for future reference.

Best Regards,



Victor Wise

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