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... what does this mean? (when installing a Contrib)


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Hi all ;)




I have installed a few Contributions. Always managed to follow the directions when it says FIND THIS and REPLACE THAT or ADD THAT....UPLOAD THIS ... you all know what I'm talking about ...



Now - I'm trying to install the following Contribution - Purchase Without Account:






and there are only 3 instructions:



1) Execute the "english.sql" with PHPMyAdmin or another MySQL-Client


2) Use a file compare program to compare the included files.


Look for Code surrounded by // PWA BOF and // PWA EOF.



I get the first one. On the second one though - what kind of a file compare program do I use? And - I assume this program will say something like: This part of the 2 files is different! AND THEN WHAT? :o



I have seen this in other Contrib but chose not to install them because it seemed too complicated ... now - I have to!



You are all so knowledgeable here. I admire all you do!




Thanks a million for your replies,




Jan :blink:



PS: Does anyone know of a Contrib that would allow the customer to go through the order process in the following sequence?:





1 pick your item


2 add on sales


3. A fill out the ship date


3. B fill out the recipient information ( 3 A and 3 B could be reversed

or in one step )


4 Fill out your information ( ask if you want to save your info (account )

or not


5 confirm order ..

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There are file compare programs that will allow you to view two files side-by-side so you can see where the differences are. A nice free one is Winmerge. There are also ones that are not free that are also very good.


You may want to look at the Fast/Easy contribution. It does what PWA does but also changes the checkout procedure to be more compact.



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