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Adding comment fields to Products


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Is there a way to add numerous "comment-like" text fields to a Product? I really don't need the pull-down menus.


For most of my items, I need at least 9 text fields to allow the customer to add their unique data. Is there a contribution that someone has written to do this?


Has anyone come across an answer for this?


Thanks so much for any assistance.

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Yes - search contributions for "option type"




Thanks for the info, Sonia. I did that and I found the Option Type Contribution. I installed it but came across a strange problem.


I am getting triplicates in the Option Value column in the Product Attributes page.


In the Product Attributes page, when I create a Product Option on the left it creates THREE entries under the Option Values on the right. Is this NORMAL? Is it okay? When I created the Option "FULL NAME" on the left side, it created THREE entries on the right, giving them an ID of ZERO. I then created an option named "NICKNAME" on the left side, and it created THREE entries on the right, giving them an ID of ZERO, too.


Now if I click one of the EDIT buttons next to one of the FULL NAME or NICKNAME option values on the right, it opens ALL SIX options (3 for nickname and 3 for full name). Now I know this can't be right... can it?


When I pull the product up in the Catalog, only ONE nickname and ONE full name fields appear. So it LOOKS like it's working okay.


Do I need to be worried or concerned about the triplicate entries? Should I do anything about it? Has anyone else come across this?


FYI - I did a clean install and then performed the contribution install.


Thanks again for you superb help.


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