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Help Getting source code...


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OK, this maybe an odd issue, but I need help getting a copy of the source code and database of an existing osCommerce storefront onto my computer for modification.


A little backstory: my friend wants to start an online business. So he paid a guy a little cash to build and put up an osCommerce store at the domain he had registered and hosted. This guy put up the default site. a yea rgoes by, and the default site is still the only thing up there (with a custom introduction we added a couple weeks ago), but my friend has been slowly but surely adding product into the database via the admin tool. so now he's got 4000 pieces up, and doesn't want to totally scrap the site and start over. I told him I would take over and learn osCommerce so I could be his webmaster, but I'm a total newbie at this stuff.


So... long story short... how do I get a copy of his osCommerce code and his database onto my computer so I can modify and upgrade everything offline? I do have his admin and hosting UN and PW's, and I have PHP, mySQL, and osCommerce in stalled on my system. I apologize if this is a stupid question, and I really appreciate the time taken to help.

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1)Make a backup of his database thru admin.

2)Copy(FTP) all files from his shop to your desktop.(or wherever)

3) make a database backup locally.

4)overwrite all local files EXCEPT the 2 configure.php files and the backups folder whith the ones from the site.

5)copy the backup file from his site to your local backups folder.

6)Rename the copied over backup to match the one you made locally.(database name. You will see the difference)

6)go to admin on local site and restore database from this backup.

That should do it

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