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Orders not showing?


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I have had a few people make an order in my shop, they have used paypal to pay and so I am getting the payment received email, however in the admin of the shop it says I have 0 orders?


Will this have anything to do with the fact I stated stock would not be available until the 22/11/06? shouldn't the orders be there anyway so I can print packing labels etc?

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Normally the orders are logged when the checkout_success.php is displayed. If the customer doesn't return to your site (automatically or by clicking on the return to merchant button), the payment with paypal is made (you get the notification) but osC doesn't know anything about it. Reason is, the customer could have decided not to buy while being asked for the payment details on the paypal site.


You can install the paypal IPN contribution to log the order when the customer is redirected to paypal (order status is then preparing paypal IPN) and once paypal confirms the payment, the order status is automatically updated to whatever you choose (I called it verified paypal IPN). Like this you can have orders in the database where no payment has been made but in general you can see what the customer ordered.



The First Law of E-Commerce: If the user can't find the product, the user can't buy the product.


Feedback and suggestions on my shop welcome.


Note: My advice is based on my own experience or on something I read in these forums. No guarantee it'll work for you! Make sure that you always BACKUP the database and the files you are going to change so that you can rollback to a working version if things go wrong.

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