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The e-commerce.

can't download images folder to my harddrive??? help?


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i found i can't download images folder to my harddrive( cuteftp pro ), only i can upload images to this folder, and also can't chmod anymore,

this is the error: Requested action not taken


i want to reinstall this oscommerce, only this files i can't download anymore!!!



anyone can help me?




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This question should be directed to your isp/hosting provider.


But, have you tried to going back to the root directory and chmod'ing permissions for the catalog dir? continuing on from there till the images dir? If you have lost permissions to chmod a folder on your account then it could mean several things. Including that you aren't the owner of your acct and you might have taken permissions off yourself.


Talk w/hosting Co.

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Definately a CHMOD problem, I had the same problem where the "upload" facility on adding new products was setting chmod to 700.


A quick SSH into the catalog/images and

chmod u=rwx,g=rx,o=x *

and all is well.


You'll probably need the ISP to do this...


HTH :)

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