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Anyone else out there use 1&1?


I have a site that I've hosted with them for a year and a half. And they've just frozen my account. Reason why was because my osc database was "putting too much load on the database"


Further to a previous warning of high load being generated on the





The database has reached a unacceptable load on the shared hosting setup

which is now affecting

other users.


*** dbo150872547@infong356: 44482 Queries: 44034 Selects, 20 Ins, 345

Upd, 83 Del, 94 Connects

Total: 492619 Queries@rdb43



*A dump of the database has been placed in the WebSpace



We are now invoking section 11.1 of the T&C's and locking the offending


Please consult our managed hosting setup


Our terms and conditions (http://order.1and1.co.uk/xml/order/TcGeneral)

clearly state the

following :



The Customer shall NOT:-



Arrange its home page(s) in a way that leads to a risk of or causes an

excessive load on the

server provided by the Company in connection with the Services;



The Company shall be entitled to suspend such access to the Services as

it deems necessary by the

Customer or any third party to all or any party of the Services if the

Customer is in breach of

any of Clauses: 5, 6.1.4, 6.1.5, 6.1.7, 6.1.9, 6.2.2, 6.2.3, 6.2.4,

6.2.5, 6.2.6 and 12. This

Clause shall not be construed in any way as limiting the termination

rights of the Company as

provided by Clause 8.


Please note that the only solution on our services that is capable of

accepting such a load is

one of our dedicated solutions, Please see the link below




Please note that we are unable to unlock the database on the current

solution, However we will

waive the setup fee if you decide to take one of our Dedicated solutions

as a good will gesture.



Basically telling me I HAVE to buy one of their dedicated servers! To run an osc store?!


I dont think so..



Any thoughts and epinions welcome :angry:

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Considering you were previously warned this would be a possibility you really don't have a reason for complaint.


Every host is allowed to establish acceptable use and load limits for their accounts on their servers and take appropriate action when necessary.


You can either get a dedicated or sometimes a VPS account and continue on.


From there you probably want to look into optimizing your code to reduce your database load.

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*** dbo150872547@infong356: 44482 Queries: 44034 Selects, 20 Ins, 345

Upd, 83 Del, 94 Connects

Total: 492619 Queries@rdb43

Right to complain or not , maybe at least you'd query the above figures: where is the total of 492,619 queries coming from, it doesnt seem to add up from the break down?



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and that over just 94 connects?

94 pages?

Either I do not get the 94 correct or there defenitely is something wrong here.

that would be a small 500 queries for each connection

(in my case once per page a db connection is established, 500 querries per page?)

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I used 1&1 :'( never again! Try cancelling your account...impossible.

If you think it's been canceled, think again.

Get yourself a dedicated server from idaq.com.

As I have 30,000+ items in my store & mega traffic, I needed it.

But best of all, their support system is second to none.

Ride It Like You Stole It

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