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Configure and Font Style


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I have recently had oscommerce installed on our server, and I have finally started to play with the layout via the code. I have not been in the admin too much since our server admin setup the login and didn't remember what the psw was. Anyway. I am familiar with the way you have laid the product out. I am having a problem locating one variable and I know there will be more. I need to find out where the FONT_STYLE_HEADER_NAVIGATION_BAR is defined. I was thinking the configure.php file, but when I head out to the local directory this file doesn't exist. I don't think I saw in it the install files I have locally either. Any help would be great. I know I'm just overlooking something.




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Sounds like you're running 2.1 (I don't see that defined anywhere in my 2.2 files), so I believe that's defined in the administration.

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Yeah, I don't see the configure.php file in the 2.1 install we have. We may have something wrong, thats where I expected it as well. I will check with our admin. Strange part is that the fonts are being defined, but I don't think we're pointing to correct configure file. Thanks


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ok.. try then on store/stylesheet.css

make sure you edit with notepad and don't hit enter! I always get horror messages when I hit enter in notepad...gievs some kind of "invisible characters" that mess up everything.

Let me know

Virginia W

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