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atal error: Cannot redeclare tep_db_connect() <-- Please help me...


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Today I was trying to change one of the buttons on my website. I accidentally deleted a file that I really need.

I was updating checkout_shipping.php but I did not realize that there were 2 checkout_shipping.php files located in different places. One was a small file and was a larger file. I accidentally replaced the small file with the larger one... Please tell me there is a way to find that smaller file without having to do a restore. I have added several hundred products since I last backed-up and I would really like to find a way to fix it without having to loose all the work I have recently done. It's file that says "define" all over the place...


This is a copy of the error I get...


Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tep_db_connect() (previously declared in /home/zgh1149/7M1S6G3N/htdocs/allsexyclothes.com/includes/functions/database.php:12) in /home/zgh1149/7M1S6G3N/htdocs/allsexyclothes.com/includes/functions/database.php on line 12


I did not go into the DATABASE file and the only change I made was the one I mentioned above, so I am assuming that is what caused the issue.. Anyone have a copy of the defines checkout_shipping.php file so that I can replace the one I deleted?


I am still new at all this so it seems like I screw up more stuff than I actually get fixed..lol.. Oh well.. I am kind of begging for help!!


If youw ant to see exactly what happens my website is www.AllSexyClothes.com and the error appears when you attempt to checkout.


Thank you all!

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