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Help with Paypal IPN


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Please can anyone help me. Try as I might I just can't get Paypal to allow payments because it can't verify the certificates. Is there a step by step somewhere or can someone else who has done this with a 1&1 shared sever please get in touch?





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There is a step-by-step guide here



Not sure about your certificate problem, I bought a hosted service and ssl certificate added on. For paypal, you need certificates that end in .pem extension, not .crt. Maybe your host will help with this, mine didn't!


If you go to the end of the link shown above, there is a discussion about this. I ended up buying from Eldos Crypto4Files and Crypto4 PKI. This enables you to you create self-signed certificates and convert them to the .pem format.


Hope this helps


Good luck! I've been on this for about a week now. Got the certs and ipn working ok, except for a status change issue!

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Hi Tamara,


Thanks for your reply. Pretty sure the certificates are OK now. I am using the public/private keys I generated to make an html website with paypal buttons. That works, so can't see why these won't.

I no longer get the message about invalid signatures but get the 5302 error message when the sale logs into sandbox.

I have checked everything over but can't see a problem - any ideas?



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Sorted it - a brain would help! I was downloading the wrong certificate from paypal, ie a copy of my public cert rather than the paypal one. Talk about missing the obvious! Mind you, these things are always obvious afterwards....

Thanks to all who've given me pointers.



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