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Using .htaccess for 404 images


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I know how to use .htaccess to do a lot of things, the most relavent to this discussion would be errordocuments, but is there a way to do this for redirection of broken (404) images?


I've got a number of images on my site that are still broken, mainly category images. I'd like to set a .htaccess file to patch this until i'm done.


Anyone know how? i dont think errordocuments can do it.

My website's address is in My Profile, since it's not allowed to be in my signature.

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This may not be what you had in mind, but I posted it anyway for others with the same issue.


I suggest a 2 part approach


1: add this mod



This will replace missing images with a default image


2: run this mod:



this will check and report what images are missing

(there are other image check mods also)

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