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adding extra pages


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Hi Again,


I have 2 extra pages to add to my site if you look here you can see in my header i have a TEAM GFB and WANTED page. I have tried to add a wanted page but i am getting errors.


What i did----


I opened the conditions.php and saved it as wanted.php i also open includes/languages/english/conditions.php and saved this as wanted.php aswell.


I then edited the main wanted.php page to link to the includes/languages/english/wanted.php file but this doesnt seem to work.


Can someone point me at a document on how to do this or give instructions in a reply. I will delete the wanted pages i have created so far so that they dont get in the way of the new instructions i need to follow.


Thanks in advance



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FILENAME_WANTED is not being defined or is incorrectly set in a require statement

try not including the require langueges file end instead put the following code in:


if it displays litteraly "FILENAME_WANTED" then it is not set, if it shows "wanted.php" you did not set your function right.


in case the function is not set right add the following line to includes/filenames.php

  define('FILENAME_WANTED', 'wanted.php');

else if you did not include your languege file correctly see to it that it is correctly ass below:

require(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/' . FILENAME_WANTED);

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Thanks again jdvb.


I just had to add


define('FILENAME_WANTED', 'wanted.php');






and it is now working.


Great help, thanks man.

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