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Customer and admin email loses line breaks


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Hi All,


I am stumped on this. I have been searching the web and the osCommerce forums for days and nothing has fixed my issue.


When I place an order as a customer, the checkout_process.php sends an email with the order to me (the customer) and the admin and both emails look like this (no line feeds at all???).


izzit.org Store ------------------------------------------------------ Order Number: 25 Detailed Invoice: http://www.izzit.org/shoppingcart/catalog/...php?order_id=25 Date Ordered: Monday 13 November, 2006 Products ------------------------------------------------------ etc......


But when I view source, they look correct (Correctly formatted line feeds)...


izzit.org Store




Order Number: 25




I changed the "\r\n" to "<br" to "\n\n" to "crlf"


and in the admin setup screen I tried changing the "E-Mail Linefeeds" to both CRLF and LF.


I also tried changing "Use MIME HTML When Sending Emails" to both true and false.


Anyone have any suggestions? I am running out of ideas.


Thanks in advance,


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