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buy it now \ add to cart button

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On some of my product list page (not the actual product page) the buy it now button doesnt seem to work for every product.


Some products it does work and on other it doesnt.


Does any one have an idea as to where I should start looking?

I believe its ran from the product_list page.

On the product_info page it works fine with out problems

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Is it a certain catagory of products or just randomly doesnt work. What kind of action happens when you click it, nothing at all, are you redirected, does it not add to the cart.


When you hover over the buy now button do you see a valid link in the bottom of the browser as if it should do something and it just doesn't, if you click it multiple times does it eventually work.

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Sorry I should have been more specific.


When the buy it now button is clicked it takes you to the product.

The link is is displayed the same a product that works.

For eg I have a parent catagory called


This then has the following subs

Car Kits(2 products) doesnt Work

Usb Dongle (1 product) Works

Stereo headsets(0 Products)

Headsets (2 products) Doesnt Work

Skype \ voip (1 product)Doesnt Work


if you would like to test yourself on any of the products \ catagories please visit www.get-wireless.co.uk/dev please note this is a test site and any completed orders will be ignored.




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My first assumption which im pretty sure im right is because if you go to car kits and click by now your are directed to the description page, the reason is because you have attributes for that product i.e. choose a color, so in order to buy now I have to specify which one I want to buy and the only way to do that is from the description page where the attribute color can be selected.


Your dongles dont have an attribute to choose there for when you buy now you get whats listed you have no other options for that product.


This is how you want it to work, so customers can choose an option if they dont select a color then in your orders screen it wont tell you which one they bought. You may want to specify in your desciption that if a color is not selected you will receive a black one by default or something so customers are prompted to scroll to the bottom and choose a color.


That would be my only guess as to why it reverts to the description page on a "buy now" click. I only tested a few products but I bet if you browse through you will find the only "buy now" that don't work are the ones that have products with attribute choices.

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That never even entered my head to be a reason.


Thankyou very much for helping to clear that up.

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