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Setting Up Shipping with multiple modules


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I am at such a complete loss here. Is it possible to use USPS shipping AND table rate shipping? For some reason, if I have more than one module installed - even though they are for different Countries - I get NO shipping information when placing a test order :'(


I have no idea what it is I need to do in order to achieve something which should be fairly simple. I need the US to be on a price based table. I need the rest of the world to be on something as close to actual shipping cost as possible - which I'm guessing is weight based. I have no idea how to tell USPS that it should do every country except the US - I did find a contrib called "Only for Country or Except Country for any Shipping Module", but considering I can't see any shipping information for any module with USPS installed I have no idea if the code from that contrib works or not.


Please - somebody - anybody - why can't I see any shipping information at all in my site? :'( I created two test accounts, one as a person in the US and one as a person in Canada - it doesn't matter which one I sign in on - I get no shipping information. I have the Table module set to US and the USPS module set to Canada - shouldn't it show me table based shipping information on the US account and USPS shipping information on the Canada account??


I am happy to show you any code you need to see in order to help me solve this. I just don't even know where to begin to look :(


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