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Quantity rounded up

Alain Couillault

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Hello all,


(this post replaces post http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=235864 which has been misplaced. Sorry for the inconvenience).


I scanned through the previous posts by could not get a solution to my problem.


I have a customer who wants to sell (part of) his products by the weight (namely meat & vegetable).

The use on this side of the ocean is to display product prices in kilos.

He still would like his customers to be able to order quantities less than a kilo (for example 0.75 grammes or rather, as we are in France, 0,750 grammes with a comma).


My problem is twofold.


1. when I try to order 0.75 or 0,75 grammes, ans update the quantity, OSC rounds up tu 1, which is not what I want. ON the countrary 1.75 is kept as is and correctly processed.


2. I would like to use commas instead of point. I found a post with no reply to this one. Any help ?



Best regards,




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