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SQL Dump Question


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Gotta tell ya, that "Beyond Compare" program is a beautiful thing... saved my site and stopped me from asking some more stupid questions of you guys... until now.


I am NOT fluent in SQL programming, this is actually my first time using it. I've been having troubles with my OSC backups not restoring properly, so I'm just going to backup my database directly from PHPMyAdmin... here's the stupid part: In PHPMyAdmin, they continuously use the word "dump" for moving files from my server into another file on my desktop for me to save. Tell me it's not going to wipe out my DB and "dump" everything into a SQL file...


If it said "backup", I'd feel much better... but now I'm skeered since my site is 99.9% ready and fixed!


Thanks for your input!

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No, it won't erase the data. Of course, when you are not sure about such a thing, you should always do a backup first to be safe.



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That's what I'm trying to do... LOL! For some reason, when I use OSC to backup, and then restore the database with phpMyAdmin, it's not restoring properly... so I thought I'd just bypass OSC's backup altogether and do it directly with my SQL file.


"Dump" scares me.

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