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The e-commerce.

Disappearing Category


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STRANGE problem: PHP or MySQL and/or osCommerce


I have two almost identical systems x86 both running the same applications;

One is a backup-server, one is a main-server.


The main problem is, osCommerce will not display "new cattegory" I enter on a main shop on my main-server (I can see the new category I added in Admin). But the same installation of osCommerce display new category I entered on the backup-server OK, the same thing is happening on my AMD64 the "new category" will not show up.


Initially I was thinking that it might be a problem with osCommerce so I deleted the osCommerce web-page on main-server and restored it from the back-up server; it did not help. The new category are not showing up on the front page on the main-server nor on AMD64 but this procedure works OK on the backup-server.


So my next thought, it could be php-5.1.6 and or MySQL 4.1.21; I recompiled both it doesn't help.

I RESTARTED both mysql and apache - doesn't help


I thought, I could eliminate osCommerce as an I have identical installation on all machines but when I performed next experiment, I can not eliminate osCommerce yet.

When I entered "new Category" on AMD64 it did not show up on main (front) page. But when I reboot the compute that category I entered showed up on the front page and it DISAPPEARED when I click refresh button.


So now I'm lost, it could be bug in osCommerce, it could be problem with php and/or MySQL

I just compiled MySQL-5.0.26 still the same problem "added category" disappear after the first click.

What to try next?




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The thing you need to understand is that osCommerce, as it is, is now (essentially) 6 years old - you should either apply the needed patches to run on the PHP version you are running, or to wind back your version on the server.



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I forgot to mentioned.

I'm on the latest stable version:



That version is working fine with my backup-server, but giving me strange result "disappearing category" on my main-server and AMD64. All the servers are running the same php. mysql versions.




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