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Any Contributions for Receipts, Invoices, etc...for Non-Registered Buyers?


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Been searching forever and have installed both FEC (Fast Easy Checkout) and PWA (Purchase Without Account), no problems at all other than receipts linked within the emails sent to a customer after a purchase link in one form or another an account to be setup for the customer. Is there anything available which basically holds order data outside of customer data?


Basically, the idea would be to allow anyone to buy without creating an account (add-ons already installed) BUT providing receipt, order information, and/or tracking that does not require the creation of an account?


The FEC came close by creating a login behind the scenes but the problem there is for customers that repeat purchases prior to creating an account in which therefore separates the orders, making a mess, not recognizing repeat business. PWA simply allows a direct purchase without having an account but unfortunately the information within the order is non-accessible to the customer, why, no account.


Any ideas from anyone? Possible current contribution, point in right direction, anything?



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Surely FEC does all of this. Obviously the customer can't log in to see it so you must send this information by email.

I guess repeat business could have been recognised by email address but that seems to violate the whole no account idea.

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Well, it finally came down to this...if a customer decides to purchase without an account, it will be stressed that member services such as tracking, order history, etc...will not be available. We went ahead and gave them 2 chances for recording a receipt for their purchase. They can print their receipt at the end as well as they will receive a receipt through their email which they specified, obviously they could contact us anytime.


Either they accept it or they don't, at least they know...So we decided to utilize the PWA and eliminate any potentials for automated account creation and anything related.


I'm sure someone will eventually develop something for secure receipts, registered or not, with all the goodies (but not all the goodies) for those without an account.


Thanks for the response radders! Much appreciated!

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