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authorize.net major issues


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OKay our site has been running live for 4 years. On monday night at 11PM our last CC charge for auth.net worked. Our issue is you get past payment information page. the corect variables get passed to checkout_confirm. If i view the source on checkout_confirmation everything looks good. all the information is there. the problem is. when you click on confirm to charge your card, it pushes you back to the payment information page with this error


The first four digits of the number entered are: <br>If that number is correct, we do not accept that type of credit card.<br>If it is wrong, please try again.


like i said we have had 0 problems until monday at 11pm when our last charge went through. between then and now nothing on the server has changed. we know this because we own our own server in house that runs our site. I have tried un-installing and reinstalling the authorize.net contrib many times with no success.


we are running Authorize.net Consolidated v1.7 by Austin519 and i have also tried the authorize.net AIM contrib with the same results

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here is the line in checkout_confirm


<form name="checkout_confirmation" action="https://www.xxxxx.com/checkout_payment_ext.php?osCsid=7a090084e09e87e4ad32ba9fb8a3ae7b" method="post"><input type="hidden" name="module_link" value="https://www.xxxxxx.com/checkout_process.php"><input type="hidden" name="x_Card_Code" value="777"><input type="hidden" name="x_Card_Num" value="creditnumberwashere"><input type="hidden" name="x_Exp_Date" value="0109"><input type="hidden" name="osCsid" value="7a090084e09e87e4ad32ba9fb8a3ae7b"><input type="image" src="includes/languages/english/images/buttons/button_confirm_order.gif" border="0" alt="Confirm Order" title=" Confirm Order "></form>

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