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Hi, Any one know how to add a Member Login Scripts for the oscommerce

to login into my site? As you may already know there is a login script that comes with the standard oscommerce shopping cart. I am looking for something a little different.


I would like to have clients register in the customer login before they ever see the contents of my site.

Therefore,.. what I am looking for is a php application that can be presented on the introductory page of our site however withhold further content of the website until one is to login to the site after full registration.


If anyone knows what the hell I just said please let me know how to set this up!

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There is a contribution for a login box. If they are not registered they can go to the create account page.


You could put the login box on a page all by itself, on a gutted oScommerce page. I use the shipping.php file to gut because there isn't much stuff on it.


You could then edit the create account page and create account success pages to have NO content on the sides by removing the two columns and have a different heading and footer by duplicating the files, renaming them and removing the content you do not want them to see before they are registered including all links that would take them to the content.


You would also have to define the new files in the includes/filenames.php


Sounds complicated but once you do it, it's not so bad. Be sure if you attempt this or any other suggestion someone as to back up the files you are going to edit so you do not mess up the entire site if something goes wrong. : )

Wendy James


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

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