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Transaction INSECURE??


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We just migrated to a new web hosting company. Copied everything exactly. And now the only problem we get is that on SUCCESSFUL checkout, we get THIS error message:


WARNING:This transaction was INSECURE 
Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/mydomain/public_html/store/epayment.php:29) in /home/mydomain/public_html/store/eway_payment.php on line 59


We're using the eway payment gateway contribution, but I'm trying to find out what could be causing this?


We're SSL protected, and the transaction is successful when we get this error.


So we're going to scare a lot of customers unnecessarily.


Please help!!



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For the time being you could turn of the display of warnings in the php.ini.

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Taking away display warnings doesn't work. I still get the first warning message, as it's a value returned by the code. PLEASE HELP!


I've narrowed the problem somewhat.


The main problem is that first line "WARNING:This transaction was INSECURE" (I think that's what's kicking up the next error). When I go to line 29 in epayment.php, it says:


 /* Warn if we're running on what seems to be an insecure port */
if ($SERVER_PORT != "443") {
 print "<FONT COLOR=RED><B>WARNING:</B></FONT>This transaction was <b>INSECURE</b>\n";


Now, if I comment this out, then the transaction can be successful according to osCommerce. (Thank-you email, etc.) But the order does NOT get processed by the payment gateway. (So, while it's successful, we didn't actually get payment!


So it looks like the payment gateway needs the info sent a certain way. But I don't understand why it's not doing it correctly? It did everything fine on the other server (previous web hosting company).


Please help with any ideas, thoughts, pointers, suggestions..... ANYTHING....



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I had this problem too...


I found that the variable $SERVER_PORT was never being assigned a value so NEVER = "443"



in epayment.php at around Line 29


if ($SERVER_PORT != "443") {

print "<FONT COLOR=RED><B>WARNING:</B></FONT> Server port <b>INSECURE</b>\n";





if (getenv('SERVER_PORT') != "443") {

print "<FONT COLOR=RED><B>WARNING:</B></FONT> Server port <b>INSECURE</b>\n";


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