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The e-commerce.

Upgrading from and old version


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Hello everyone,

I am running a very old version of Oscommerce. I think it is back from 2002 or so.

We decided we need to upgrade it into the current version, but we are facing some problems.

I am following the upgrade Instructions from the website:



To summarize:

1) Downloaded and intalled it on my server, in a folder called "catalog6"

2) I installed a new store using the template

3) I tested the new store, and it worked fine

4) I copied the file "ms1_to_ms2.php" into the catalog6

5) copy the old databased over the new one

6) now I am trying to run this file http://eurobrews.com/catalog6/ms1_to_ms2.php


and I am having this error

osCommerce Release 2.2 MS1 to MS2 Database Update Script


This script can be copied to any web directory to upgrade a MS1 database to a MS2 database. By MS1 and MS2 I mean the state of the database the DAY that the MS release was made, not *any* MS1 like CVS tree. So if you upgraded to MS1 and stayed there you can use this script.



Open Source E-Commerce Solutions




Step 1: Database Upgrade


Warning: set_time_limit(): Cannot set time limit in safe mode in /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/eurobrews.com/httpdocs/catalog6/ms1_to_ms2.php on line 132


? Address Book

- Configuration


Status: Updating Address Book

1060 - Duplicate column name 'temp_id'


alter table address_book add temp_id int(11) not NULL default '0' FIRST






Does anyone have any clues what am I doing wrong?



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I'm in the same boat. I am runninhg a highly modified ms1, and it is just breaking left and right over the last week, after three years of perfection. Well, I want to upgrade, but i9t just doesn't work with any of the directions I've found anywhere.

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