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New Installation Problems - HELP NEEDED!


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I'm new to the whole osCommerce program and pretty new to designing wesites as well. I'm running into some issues during the install procedure.


My site is hosted with Godaddy. I created MySQL database. I uploaded the catalog folder and changed permissions on the necessary files through SmartFTP.


However, when I try to go through the install process, I get lost. I can get to the opening page and click on New installation. I enter all of my DB info and it connects with no problem. I get the database import was successful page and then after that, it goes back to the new installation page.


I tried to access my admin page and log in but nothing happens. I'm really lost!!! I didn't even get to the page where you enter all of the websrever info (according to the installation instructions).


Can someone please help me get this set up?



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Unfortunately I cannot help with your particular problem. I have seen a few users recently having trouble with osC and godaddy however.



Rob Bell - Inspired Graphix

Customising osCommerce in Australia, and the world!

View my profile for web and email links.


I'm sorry, but i cannot offer Free support via PM etc, and osCommerce forums prohibit me from putting any reference to paid support in my signauture.

However viewing my profile may provide links to my website or something like that which you may find useful.

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I actually got it figured out last night. Seems I was having problems uploading the files via smartftp. Once I switched to FileZilla and re-uploaded the files, everything worked great!


Thanks to everyone for your help!

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Here's my experience installing oscommerce on Win 2003 server, mysql 5 and PHP


1) ok first of all download and extract the oscommerce files on your server and add all permissions to the user Everyone for all subfolders. This is similar to chmod 777 on linux

2) download the latest MySQL and install it, create a new DB

3) download PHP v4.x cause PHP 5.x does not work

4) download the register_globals patch and install the patch for oscommerce & make sure the register_globals = OFF in the php.ini file

5) set the OLD_Password for the oscommerce user account in MySQL.

6) Setup the website in IIS6 and add PHP support inthe configuration if you haven't done so.

7) Run the setup and cross your fingers.


If anyone wants to add more details to these steps including URL's etc than please do so.



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Ok, don't know why gkassyou said that PHP5 doesn't work on Win2003, but I'm now up and running.


I went through and removed all mention of HTTP_*_VARS and replaced with _POST, _GET, or _SERVER (I'm keeping my register globals off, and that register_globals patch did not work for me). FrontPage 2003 has a handy 'replace all' and will search the entire site. Now I can get to business.

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Maybe there's documentation that I'm missing, but it seems all the patch did was comment out the php.ini error. And the error messages were not coming up for me.


I don't get what the patch was supposed to do. Both the original and the patch behaved the same. Plus, there are many more files I changed than what was in the patch file.


The only page I continue to have trouble with is the system info page, but I could care less about that one.

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As I said in a previous post, I have everything working fine now that I changed how the variables are called.


I'm not going to be concerned about why global registers aren't working, especially when I don't want them on to begin with.

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