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The e-commerce.

Parse error after Register_Globals 1.5a patch


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I'm new on this but I've tried and find information about everything, but I can't solve this problem by myself.


Last week I was told to install an osCommerce on a Windows Server. First of all I had problems with register_globals as in the server I had to use they were disabled and that was the way it had to be. Later I had to give rights over some files and folders but had to talk to the administrator of the server to give them manually. I solved that issue too. But now...


it seems that the patch I applied to avoid register_globals has made a new problem. I can get into the admin section but when I try to see the shop itself (catalog) I get just this message:


Parse error: parse error, unexpected $end in C:\Inetpub\vhosts\solocarteles.com\httpdocs\tienda\includes\functions\general.php on line 1336

That line is the last one, so I guess the problem is there, because the last function is one of the register_globals_patch modifications:

// nl2br() prior PHP 4.2.0 did not convert linefeeds on all OSs (it only converted \n)
 function tep_convert_linefeeds($from, $to, $string) {
if ((PHP_VERSION < "4.0.5") && is_array($from)) {
  return ereg_replace('(' . implode('|', $from) . ')', $to, $string);
} else {
  return str_replace($from, $to, $string);
 // Work-around functions to allow disabling of register_globals in php.ini
 // These functions perform a similar operation as the 'link_session_variable'
 // function added to .../functions/sessions.php but for the GET, POST, etc
 // variables
 // Parameters:
 // var_name - Name of session variable
 // Returns:
 // None
 function link_get_variable($var_name)
// Map global to GET variable
if (isset($_GET[$var_name]))
  $GLOBALS[$var_name] =& $_GET[$var_name];

 function link_post_variable($var_name)
// Map global to POST variable
if (isset($_POST[$var_name]))
  $GLOBALS[$var_name] =& $_POST[$var_name];


Can someone help me? I haven't found anything like this after searching in these forums.




Huan Manw?

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