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Reward! I'm so close! Could someone please help me go live!


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:'( Sorry, but I'm pretty frustrated and really could use any help that can be offered. I posted here because my problem concerns more than one area in this KB. I have been bouncing around the forums for more than a week and I still cannot get answers that I can use. I am using the Paypal_IPN module. My order is updated as VERIFIED and the order status is changed correctly. However, there are 2 transactons in my PayPal history. The first is the shopping cart transaction and the other is the PayPal transaction, the variable definition for my item number is missing from both transactions (item_number). My option selection is shown in the shoping cart but not the Paypal transaction.


From what I can gather, the problem is that the variable definitons are not defined and passed through as they should be. I understand that the shopping cart transaction is (pending and is pre-payment) and that the PayPal transation is (post payment). I need to know how to define osCommerce variables to pass through Paypal during the payment process and be able to retrievable them after Auto Return. I need to send this data to an external download processor that will verify this data first and then give my buyer a download link. IF I can overcome the two problems cited below, I can go live. I would be eternally thankful for your assistance and would gladly reward those that can help me with a free copy of my E-Book. This E-Book would be perfect as a Christmas gift. B)


1. My item number (osCommerce variable 'products_id') is not getting passed through PayPal. In fact, I suspect that it is not even being defined at the shopping cart level before payment. I need to define PayPal's variable ('item_number') so that it is the same as the osCommerce variable ('products_id'). Can anyone help me do this? (which php page and line to edit, the syntax?)


2. After my buyer is Auto Returned to the store, they need to be given a download link from another .php page. This external page is used to verify that the user has actually paid, then after verification, they are given a link to download the product. The download link in my store is enabled but cannot be used until the download is verified using the process I just mentioned. I need to use this external process to validate the buyer before they install. Afterward, they can simply download from their osCommerce profile.


So - I need to send the values for the Paypal 'payer_email' variable and the Paypal 'item_number' variable to this other page, using some sort of script. For example:


$item_number = $_POST['item_number'];

$payer_email = $_POST['payer_email'];

echo "<script type='text/javascript'>location.href ='http://mydomain.com/another folder/validatemybuyer.php?email=$payer_email&item=$item_number';</script>";


I have tried inserting these 3 lines into /oscommerce/catalog/ext/modules/payment/paypal_ipn/ipn.php after line 111, assuming the paypal variable data will be present, but it does not work for some reason. A validation page is supposed to open for the customer once they return to the store and it does not happen. If I manually input the URL to my browser, I can manually trigger what I need to happen. So, it seems to me I just need help getting the 'echo' to work. Can anyone help me accomplish my goal? (which php page and line to edit, the syntax?)


I know my problem #1 needs to be addressed first so that the item number can 'pass through' Paypal and then problem#2 will have a working variable. I have spent a ton of time setting up my store and just need to get past these two issues to go live.


Thank you for your time.

Don't give up. I see light ahead...!

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there should be a contrib that would show you some of the way towards this. I used it before finding the IPN module. Its used when customers close the paypal window without returning to your store and adds the item numbers to the email verification sent to you from Paypal. There's a limit to the number of items that can be added (seen in the verification email) though.

Cannot help you more as a) dont remember name of contrib, B) programming and me are incompatible

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