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easy populate


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Does anyone want to help?


Which version of easy populate is working with ms2.2 upate 060817?


I have tried on a server and local machine, used most of the versions used some bug fixes, to this date cannot get it working? It does not want to save a file or download or create the sample text file nor upload one from the /temp that I have put in there. Is there something that must be uncommented to in easypopulate.php to get working because I have not read anyhting about that, only variable? Almost a week now and nothing. It seems easy to install and I have used on a clean copy of osc too.


I have read the instructions - redone them a few times - I have been able to do a lot of things before but this does not seem to be happening for me. Anyone else had the same problems ( a solution perhaps?)


Help would be greatly appreciated - this is the crux of catalogue management/online shopping - being able to update quickly and effectively. PS I had the same problem with excel/import/export if that helps so it must be a version of osc or a general file that is related to downloads and uploads,






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Thanks Jack

tried it - same same old,

geez can I be the only person??


I was reading something about ie problem in the downloading in the manual - says mozilla works - firefox did not work , same problem..could it be the version of phpmyadmin?? php v.?? but this has happened with server side and local...


thanks for your help;



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