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Information setup


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Thanks for your reply. Forgive me but if I understand correctly, you are suggesting that I insert my shipping and returns information into the shipping.php file directly. This isn't a problem. I would simply like to know if there is a section within the administrator of osc that allows you to setup the shipping & return information much like is the case when you are defining a new product for example.





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Hi Tim.


What kind of information are you thinking of?


admin/includes/languages/english/shipping.php is a textfile where you place all the information your customers needs. It's not a code file.

In this file you can place any html-code you want.

You can build a page in e.g. dreamweaver, and then copy the whole body-part into shippping.php.

That would allow you to make use of tables, fonts, colors etc.


You access this file via the admin interface under:

-> Tools

- Define languages.


If this dosn't cover your needs, then you'll have to be at little more specific :wink:

Best Regards


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