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How do I use phpMyAdmin to check a live database?


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This is a follow up to an eariler post about no cc info populating the order page (with the exception of the cc number).


I want to find some way to see if the type, owner and expiration date are stored in the database. I'm assuming I can do this with phpMyAdmin, but I've only used it on my local machine for local databases. Can anyone guide me in using it to view the database that's associated with a live site?


Forgive my inexperience, but I need to find some way, at least in the interim, to get this info. Thanks!



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You need to login to phpmyadmin. How you do that will vary with your hosts control panel. Once logged in, just click on the orders table and find the order you are wondering about.



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Thanks, Jack. Your reply did help. I was able to access phpMyAdmin through the host's control panel. I appreciate it. Now, hoever, it's confirmed that the info I'm looking for is not being stored in the database.


I need the credit card type, owner and expiration date to show up but they're not.


Would you (or anyone else who reads this) know what I can possibly do? Without this info my client can process credit card orders. I'm at a loss, that's why I'm here on the forums.


Any insight? Thanks!

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