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The e-commerce.

slumpy sales


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I've made two sites with oscommerce and the sales have gone way down since then.


my payment gateways are working.


all the pages are working


the product images are as good or better + thumbnails


prices are the same as before


im using seo contribs and traffic is as good as before


could it be because people have to register to buy the product?




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Remember .. Christmas is Coming! People tend to start spending all their money at Wal-Mart ... LOL


I would assume that it is not you my friend .. but just economics.


How long has your business been up. Most businesses do not make any reasonable profit in their first year or 2 year anyway.

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could it be the prices are too high? On one of the sites that could be it, do all of you have better prices on your products then all of your competitors?


but for the other site they have unique products that no one else has and they were selling them like hot cakes before.



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I would have to say the healing threads one, design seems ok, I was a bit confused at first how to get to a product since the "collection" is in the header, at first I didn't assume that was "products", im also on broadband and the pages loaded a little slow with graphics, a dial-up connection that could be irratating you might try a page cache or image cache contribution to speed up page delivery. You google rank for healing threads was in the top 10 so thats good.


I would also have to say its the time of year for Jewelry and toys wives and kids are the buying list this month. It could just be a slow time of year, not to mention the economy is just slow right now for the average consumer, I know I am tightening my dollar spending this month.


The Tablet site was a little slow loading as well, but design and layout seemed navigable to me, I would have to say econimics on that one, its not just consumers tightening their budgets, a lot of companies are strained right now, big companies due to low consumer sales are dang near laying people off, and with this being the 4th quarter in order to meet the end of the year budget plans they really have to cut back on any spending. I'd say see if after january things pick up, it will be the first quarter new budgets in place, the holiday is over people will start spending again.

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both sites were very slow to load. And it wasn't the tinyurl redirection, that was quick, but once my browser had the right URL, it just sat with it.


I once read that if X number of people clicks on a link, you will loose 10% per second it takes for the link to load.


While those numbers may not always be accurate, time does play a part.


But that is all just meant as helpfull feedback. Everyone who said "It's christmas" is right, now is not the time for buying things YOU actually want :)

My website's address is in My Profile, since it's not allowed to be in my signature.

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