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A 2x2 Product Listing


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Hi there, I am looking for the most dynamic way of creating a product listing layout where there are two columns of products and then two rows of products, but I would like to be able to change those numbers in admin, but thats alot of work so the I guess for now, I just want to know if anybody has already done this and made it a contribution or if I should attempt it myself. I know it can be done, because there templates on template monster with this layout, here is a sample (The site loads extremely slow).


Just to try to make another visual...


Product One....|...Product Two



Product Three..|....Product Four



(Pretend all the periods is just blank space, was just trying to keep its layout)



Branden Cash

PS. No I don't have any cash sorry, lol

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Product listings by columns contrib, with admin setting of product to list set to 4

Thanks, I think this is the one you are talking about right? This won't give me just columns will it, I will still have rows too right, I am sure it would because that would make it more logical.


Thanks again


I knew there had to be somthing for this, I had searched for 2days and couldnt find anything, thanks

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By default the contrib I listed above displays 3 columns, but in the product_listing.php you can change this to 2 columns and then in your admin panel, if you select the number of products to display to 4 , it will give you a 2 x 2 product listing output.

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Ok thanks, now I have got three options to choose from because I found another one, here.

I am not sure which one I will be doing yet, but I may just do the one for SPPC because I was just informed that I need to install that as well.


Thanks, again

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