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Site set up, now problem with index.php


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This is my 2nd install.


1st: http://www.institutionalgreen.com/osc

2nd: http://www.buffalocentralterminal.org/shop


I spent all kinds of time uploading my products and configing everything the way I wanted it on the 2nd install. When I went to change the index.php page text, just like I changed the index page of my 1st install, I uploaded it and there was nothing there. I reuploaded, still nothing. I viewed the source (in IE) and there was no data. So I uploaded the edited file from my 1st install, still nothing, although it still works on the IG.com site.


I tried to replace the index.php file from the file offered for download, and doing that, it appears, but without any css styles applied. I believe this may be because my install is version 1.1 and the one offered for download is 2.2. I can't find a 1.1 bundle download, and I'm afraid to reinstall from my hosting company and losing all the information I already put into the set up.


So I guess I need the version 1.1 index.php file, and I can't find it anywhere. Then I can begin again in editing the welcome text. Or if anyone wants to take a look at the edited file that I have, and that doesn't show up, I can send it along.


Help please! Thank you

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I fixed the style sheet issue, and the page is loading fine. But I cannot find the part in the code to change to change the welcome text and remove the error notification and other instructional parts. The part of the code the text says to look for doesn't exist, and I don't know anything about php to know what to look for.

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