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The e-commerce.

Contrib conflict?


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Gad, I hope someone can help me out here. I could add products one at a time, but my wits would be gone soon. And there are SO many pages in this forum! It would take me months to read each post - and that's what it would take since my problem is so vague.


I installed EP v2.8-MS2 (and just about every other version, too, and I get the same problem no matter the version of EP)


I downloaded a full EP data file into MS Excel, deleted all rows but one (for testing), changed the one product's model number and name, saved to tab-delimited .txt file and attempted upload back into EP.


I get:

File uploaded.

Temporary filename: /tmp/phpxTrk0B

User filename: EP2006Nov01-1503.txt

Size: 411


But there is no new product. Some time ago, when I first installed EP (last year some time), I got the long list of products being uploaded and processed. This time there is none of that - just the little message quoted above.


I have a sh*tload of contribs installed:

STS v 1.8

Atecno Admin

Order Editor

Reset Counters

Basic Design Pack

Star Product

Enable/Disable Categories

Ultimate SEO URLs v2.2

Who's Online Enhancement 2

TinyMCE in osCommerce

shipping insurance 201

Salemaker 2.2 for MS2v102

Cross-sell v2.2

Visitor Stats v1.7b

Header Tags Controller v2.2

Links Manager for osC(MS2) v1.01


Does anyone know if one of the above busts EP?


And does anyone have a fix for me?


I've been playing with OSC since 2003, but I'm not a PHP wiz - although OSC has taught me quite a bit of PHP and SQL. Awesome!


Thanks in advance for any assistance.



Steep learning curve? Hell, I don't even know enough to formulate a stupid question!!

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